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Prestige American Roofing & Construction, LLC

Located in Wichita Falls, TX, Prestige American Roofing & Construction, LLC is a BBB A+ registered roofing, siding, and remodeling contracting company offering a multitude of home and business restoration and renovation services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Prestige American Roofing & Construction's professionals are the best North Texas has to offer for both home and commercial property. Prestige American Roofing & Construction offers competitive rates, courteous service, customer satisfaction, and top-notch restorations and renovations done right.

Accidents Happen

Prestige American Roofing Classic Shingle Installation

Whether it’s an emergency or a scheduled appointment, our specialists can advise our customers on all available insurance options, and give them an accurate estimate. Prestige American Roofing & Construction believes in earning a customer's trust from the very beginning to the very end of each and every restoration, renovation and construction project.

High winds, hail storms, and other forms of extreme weather not only cause damage to a business owner's property or homeowner's roof, but inevitably lead to dealing with insurance companies. Making housing and property insurance claims can be frustrating to the average home or business owner. Fortunately, wehave experience assisting with insurance claims due to property damage. Prestige American Roofing & Construction is always glad to help guide our customers through this trying process.

Our Guarantee

Prestige American Roofing and Construction stands behind the quality of our work. If you are not sure if we offer a service, please feel free to contact one our specialists today.

Did You Know...

Many Insurance Companies offer a discount on premiums when the customer replaces their damaged roof with a Class 4 Shingle? (learn more)